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Run an AWS CloudFormation script

If you have an integration with AWS, user events can trigger an AWS CloudFormation script.

Go to Deployments

  1. Under Type, select Amazon Web Services.
  2. Enter a description of the script.
  3. Upload the script.

    Typically, the script is a JSON file.

  4. Check off which regions this script applies to.

  5. Click Save.

Example script call: WordPress with CMA

Output data from previous API calls – {entitlement} and {report_private_key_data} – are used as input to this script.

Select an AWS account that contains the private Amazon Machine Image (AMI). These accounts must be pre-loaded into the accounts table with permission granted in an IAM role for Orbitera to share AMIs out of this account. When a customer deploys the AMI into their account, Orbitera makes an API call to AWS to share the private AMI with the customer’s account. This eases the workflow of deploying whitebox products.

The accounts are managed by the Orbitera administrator in Settings > Billing > Accounts. An account must have a valid Role ARN set.

AWS deployment

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