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Send Orbitera sales leads to Eloqua

When potential customers sign up for Orbitera Test Drives, you can capture their contact information and feed it into your Eloqua CRM and marketing systems. This way your sales and marketing teams learn about new prospects right away and can engage with them.

Before you begin

To integrate your Test Drive with Eloqua, you need to do some initial setup in Eloqua and gather some information.

In Eloqua, you must do the following:

Configure the Orbitera callback

Go to Account Callbacks

  1. Enter a name for the callback.
  2. For the callback type, select Customer Signup.
  3. Enter the Eloqua endpoint URL: https://s[SITE_ID], substituting [SITE_ID] with your Eloqua site ID.
  4. Click Add to add your Eloqua form name (elqFormName) and your Eloqua site ID (elqSiteId).

    Enter elqFormName in the Name field and your form name in the Value field. Repeat this step for your site ID, using elqSiteId as the name and your actual site ID as the value.

  5. Continue adding parameters by selecting Orbitera placeholders.

    These are the fields that this callback will import into Eloqua. Find the placeholders that have the same meaning as the fields in your Eloqua form. For the Name field, copy/paste the Orbitera value from the Value field, including the curly brackets ({}).

  6. Make sure that the callback is enabled.



Test the callback

Go to your trial in your store using the Launch Test Drive link at the top-right of the Orbitera UI. Complete the form and click Signup.

Go to the eloqua database and check that a new lead was created. It might take several minutes for the new lead to appear in Eloqua searches.

Troubleshoot the callback

If you don’t see your new or updated lead, check the Callback Log in Orbitera.

Go to Account Callbacks

If you don’t see an HTTP Status of 200 or 204, there is a problem. Retrace your steps above, making sure you entered the fields correctly.

If the status code is 200 or 204, but you don't see a new lead in Eloqua, check again in a few minutes.