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Partner walkthrough

The following scenario walks through adding an endpoint to provision a SaaS application sold through a partner’s white-label marketplace.

Charles has a SaaS offering called "Presentation Enhancer." He created a product tile for this offering on his white-label marketplace. The product makes presentation decks super nice with amazing backgrounds, fonts, and colors. Charles offers the product on Orbitera as a subscription for $9.99 a month. When a customer subscribes, they will get an email from Charles’ company ( with more information.

Charles navigates to the Orbitera Admin console and selects his product. He clicks Edit and goes to the Deployment Actions section.

Charles clicks Add.

Charles wants the subscription to trigger when the purchase is complete, so he selects the “Subscription Create” event.

He enters a short description “Provision Customer” and enters his provision URL:

Charles leaves the Request Type as Post and the Content Type as Form URL-Encoded because that’s what his endpoint is expecting.

Charles clicks Edit API Credentials and enters the authentication credentials for the API.

Charles then clicks Add. He needs Orbitera to pass in the Customer Name, Email, and Zip Code. He uses the substitute variables.

Deployment action scenario

Charles double checks the input information and clicks Save.

Charles sees the Action added to his Deployment Actions list and then clicks Save to save the product.

Charles navigates to this white-labeled marketplace, signs in as a test customer and purchases the product. He confirms that the purchase shows up on his end and his system emails the customer information on how to log into