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Send Orbitera sales leads to Salesforce

When potential customers sign up for Orbitera Test Drives, you can capture their contact information and feed it into your Salesforce CRM and marketing systems. This way your sales and marketing teams learn about new prospects right away and can engage with them.

Before you begin

To integrate your Test Drive with Salesforce, you need to know your Salesforce organization ID and your organization's field IDs.

  • In Salesforce, find your organization ID.
  • Gather the custom and standard field IDs that you want to use in your sales lead. A quick way to find multiple field IDs in one place is to set up a Salesforce Web-to-Lead form. If you already know your field IDs, you can skip this step. If you create a Web-to-Lead form, note that you can put anything in the Return URL field, as this URL is not needed for this procedure.

    The following snip from the generated code in a Web-to-Lead form shows a sample field ID.

    <label for="last_name">Last Name</label><input id="last_name" maxlength="80" name="last_name" size="20" type="text" /><br>

    The field ID is the id attribute value, in this case last_name.

Configure the Orbitera callback

Go to Account Callbacks

  1. Enter a name for the callback.
  2. For the callback type, select Customer Signup.
  3. Enter the Salesforce endpoint URL:
  4. Click Add to add each of your Salesforce fields.

    Enter each Salesforce field ID in the Name field and choose the Orbitera placeholder in the Value field.

    Make sure to use lowercase letters and enter the Salesforce field ID exactly as shown in Salesforce.

  5. Enter your Salesforce OID, with oid in the Name field and type in the actual OID string in the *Value field.

  6. Optionally, you can also add any fixed-value fields related to a marketing campaigns, such as lead_source = Orbitera.

  7. Make sure the callback is enabled.



Test the callback

Go to your trial in your store using the Launch Test Drive link at the top-right of the Orbitera UI. Complete the form and Signup.

Go to Salesforce and confirm that a new lead was created. It may take several minutes for the new lead to appear in Salesforce searches.

Troubleshoot the callback

If you don’t see your new or updated lead, check the Callback Log in Orbitera.

Go to Account Callbacks

If you don’t see an HTTP Status of 200, there is a problem. Retrace your steps above, making sure you copied the codes and entered the field IDs correctly.

If the status code is 200, but you don't see a new lead in Salesforce, check again in a few minutes.