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Overview of billing imports

An import job copies usage data from cloud accounts into Orbitera's billing system. The cloud accounts can be from GCP, AWS, Azure, IBM, any software as a service (SAAS) provider, and so on.


The following example shows usage data from 100 cloud accounts being imported into an independent software vendor (ISV) customer account. Note that this is just one example. The top-level partner could be as an ISV, distributor, reseller, and so on. After the usage data is imported into the top-level account, the data can be distributed across the N-tier architecture.

N-tier architecture

Each node in the N-tier architecture can then discount or markup the base price and add on services, as needed.

For most platforms, Orbitera uses identity and access management (IAM), where the cloud account holder grants Orbitera a role through IAM for Orbitera to access the account as a third party. The IAM framework provides logging and security protocols built into the various cloud provider systems. This means you can revoke Orbitera access at any time. You control access to your data.