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Import billing

An import job copies usage data from cloud accounts into Orbitera's billing system.

Before you begin

Make sure you have granted Orbitera credentials for the cloud provider platform from which you will be importing cloud usage data.


Setting up billing imports

Go to Billing Imports

  1. Click New Job.
  2. Choose a data source from the list of preexisting importers.
  3. Enter your account credentials.
  4. Click Test Permissions to make sure your credentials work.
  5. Choose a recurrence setting to control how often the data is retrieved.

  6. Set the billing month and the date/time for the next import process to run.

    You cannot import usage data from before the import job was configured.

  7. (Optional) After saving the billing job, you can manually kick off an import process by clicking Edit > Start.

    The status will say Starting, then Processing, then Complete. Most jobs finish within 10 minutes, but some can take more than an hour.

Billing imports