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Custom price books

With a custom price book, you define a global default setting that adds an uplift or discount to every SKU in a master price book. For example, you can add a 5% uplift to all SKUs in GCP, Azure, or AWS.

After you create a custom price book, it needs to be applied to a customer to take effect. Keep in mind that you can create an unlimited number of custom price books and apply each one to a different target group or customer class. The usage feed allows for multi-tiered different levels of discounting for cloud and SaaS services.

Orbitera offers two types of price books:

  • Cloud price books
  • SaaS price books

SaaS price books work the same way as cloud price books, except they typically have fewer SKUs.

Price books basically transform "seats" into usage data and then rate the usage data using Orbitera's billing computation engine.

Anything that we can transform into a usage fee — by counting it and programmatically accessing it — we can operationalize through Orbitera billing. It's really a matter of usage and cost married to one another. We get the usage data and update our pricing data automatically.

Configure a custom price book

Before you begin

Create a custom price book

Go to Cloud Price Books


Go to Products SaaS Price Books

  1. Select an existing price book, typically the master, and click Duplicate.

    You can think of the custom price book as being a child in a parent/child relationship, where the price book you're duplicating is the parent.

  2. Enter a descriptive name for the custom price book.

  3. Assign a global uplift or discount in relation to the parent (master).

    For example, this custom price book uses the GCP base cost and adds an adjusted uplift of 5% for managed service fees. Rather than having the service fee as an explicit line item support charge, this custom price book restates all pricing that includes that service.

    Create a custom price book
  4. (Optional) Enable the Pass-through supplier cost.

    Select this option if you've negotiated special, non-standard pricing with GCP. The pass-through supplier cost allows Orbitera to detect negotiated pricing in BigQuery and then apply a global uplift or discount relative to the special pricing that you're receiving.

    Enterprises generally aren't trying to make money using Orbitera. They are simply using Orbitera for cost management, in which case the software is not recalculating cost, but allocating (passing through) the charges.

    If you don't select Pass-through supplier cost, the uplift or discount is applied relative to the master's public street pricing, regardless of what you're paying for products and services.

Verify the results

When you look at the custom price book and drill down to a SKU, you can see that you have the base cost from the cloud or SaaS provider, the global adjustment, and the new final price.

Verify a custom price book