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Configure SKU-level adjustments

With SKU-level adjustments, you can apply discounts or uplifts for specific classifications, vendors, and customer groups. This flexibility allows for targeted promotions at the SKU level.

In a custom price book, the adjustment fields are editable, so you can refine the price on any product or service, thus overriding the global default setting by giving a particular SKU a different uplift or discount.

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SKU-level adjustments are currently only supported in the UI. The Orbitera API does not yet support configuring SKU-level adjustments.

Option Meaning Example
Default Adjusts pricing as defined in the global custom price book. The default is always a percent increase or decrease relative to the provider's current price.
Default price
% Adjusts pricing for a given SKU by applying a different percent increase or decrease that overrides the custom price book's default percentage.
Override price
Delta Instead of using a percentage, sets a price difference for a given SKU relative to the provider's current base cost. For example, you can add an adjustment of 1 cent per hour to the base cost charge.
Delta price
Fixed Instead of allowing the adjustment to change automatically when the service provider's base cost changes, sets a fixed cost, regardless of the provider's cost. The use case for this is if you're working with a contract that negotiates some fixed rate.
Fixed price