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Configure budgets and notifications

Budgets allow you to track your cross-cloud spending, measure the spending against a budget, and alert either yourself or your customers when the spending reaches a notification threshold.

About notifications

It's not always easy to quickly wind down workloads in the cloud on short notice. Having advance notification at a certain threshold allows you to receive notices, letting you know that your spending is getting close to your budgeted amount.

You can create multiple notifications for each budget. For example, you can be notified when the cost exceeds 50% of the budget and then notified again when the cost exceeds 75% of the budget.

Keep in mind that there is no enforcement or automatic shutdown of cloud resources associated with budget notifications. Notifications are information-only.

Configure budgets and notifications

Go to Budget

  1. Click Add.
  2. Set the required fields:
    • Budget name
    • Currency
    • Amount
    • Based on – your cost or your customer's cost
    • Time period – weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, or custom
  3. Set the optional fields:

    • Cloud provider scope – all cloud providers or one cloud provider By default, a budget includes all cloud providers and accounts. If you select a specific provider and a specific customer, you can specify which accounts to include.
    • Notification threshold – some percentage of the budget
    • Notification recipients – email addresses of Orbitera users or your customers
  4. Click Save.