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Assign a cloud account to a customer

This procedure assigns a cloud account to a customer. You can assign multiple accounts to a single customer. You cannot assign a single account to multiple customers.

Go to Customers

  1. Select a customer and double-click to edit.
  2. In Cloud accounts, click Add.
  3. Select the cloud provider.

    The Account ID menu is automatically populated with any unassigned cloud accounts. This is how Orbitera enforces the rule that a cloud account can be assigned to only one customer at a time. This way, we don't enable your customers to be accidentally charged twice for the same usage.

  4. Select a cloud account ID or New Account.

    If you select New Account, you are prompted to manually enter the account ID. You would only do this for accounts that have no usage data but are otherwise important to the system. It is recommended that you run the import job once, which creates cloud accounts with usage data automatically. Then you can assign these cloud accounts to customers without having to create them.

  5. Set optional values:

    1. Email address for the account
    2. Account type: resale (the default) or subscription
    3. Price book
    4. Billing start date
Assign cloud account

Next Step

Configure pricing.