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Configure support plans

Support plans give you fine-grained control over how you bill for support and service.

You can apply a support plan to any customer, and the support fee is inserted as an additional line item in the invoice.

Go to Support Plans

  1. Click Add.
  2. (Optional) Click Default Support Plan.

    When a plan is marked as the default support plan, it appears at the top of the list of support plans with the (Default) tag. Only one support plan can be marked as default. When you click Default Support Plan, this overrides the previous default. The default support plan is NOT automatically applied to new customers.

  3. Enter a minimum value.

    By default, the minimum is set to zero. The minimum value sets a base amount that is charged on every invoice, regardless of usage.

  4. Enter a maximum value.

    By default, the maximum is set to zero. A maximum value of zero means unlimited.

  5. Apply the rate to the price or the cost. Price is the amount the customer pays for service. Cost is the amount that the reseller pays for the service.

  6. To add a tier, click Add+.

    Each tier can be either a percentage of the sale or a fixed price. You can move tiers up or down by dragging the hamburger menu on the right. You can delete a tier by clicking the X icon.

  7. Click Create.


Your schedule of charges might have usage tiers as follows:

  • $0-10,000 sale rated at 10%
  • $10,000-80,000 sale rated at 7%
  • Everything above that (infinite) is 5%

    Support plans