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Overview of white-label marketplaces

Orbitera makes it relatively easy to create your own branded marketplace. You can think of a white-label marketplace as an out-of-the-box sales channel for selling products, services, and applications to cloud consumers and customers.

For non-cloud products, too

You can also use white-label marketplaces for non-cloud products. Imagine, for example, a device ecosystem that incorporates cloud service and hardware into a sophisticated distribution network.

Low burden

A marketplace serves as a storefront for products and services that customers can consume. You can have this with a lower operational burden of provisioning, launching, and maintaining your own storefront.

Self service

Orbitera-powered marketplaces are self service, meaning that you can define your products without going through Orbitera for an approval or integration process. Orbitera provides the toolset for you to build and interface with multiple potential cloud platforms through our RESTful API interface, but Orbitera doesn't dictate your inventory or your go-to-market strategy.

Thus, Orbitera allows you to retain customer touchpoints, keep the customer in your own domain, and retain control over the customer experience.