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Add-ons for your product

Add-ons are optional features that a customer can add to a SKU. They are defined separately from other features and must have a pricing plan. Add-ons are only available for the product SKUs that have pricing plans with matching billing periods.

An add-on must have one or more pricing plans, which define how your customers pay for that add-on. Pricing plans are defined and applied per add-on, they cannot be applied to multiple add-ons. Plans can only be created, updated, or deleted for individual add-ons.

Go to Products

View the product information.

  • If you've created a new product, the product information is displayed after you click Create.
  • If you're editing an existing product, select that product from the list and then click Edit to view the product information.

Proceed with the following.

  1. Click Add-ons from the side menu.
  2. To add a new add-on, click Add.
    • To update an existing add-on, select that add-on from the list and then click Edit.
  3. Update the add-on information.

    • Add-on name describes the add-on when displayed in the marketplace.
    • Description provides further details about the add-on.
    • Billing alignment specifies how the add-on is billed.

      • Purchase designates that the add-on billing aligns with the initial purchase of the add-on.
      • Subscription designates that the add-on billing aligns with the SKU subscription plan.

        For example, if the SKU and add-on have pricing plans with a 30 day trial and the user purchases the add-on 10 days after purchasing the SKU, the user will only receive 20 days of the add-on's 30 day trial period.

    • Cancel Timing determines how Orbitera handles access and billing when a customer cancels the add-on.

      • Immediate cancels the add-on immediately and bills the customer a pro-rated amount based on the billing period.
      • End of Term cancels the add-on at the end of the current billing period. The customer is billed for the remainder of the period.

Add pricing plans

Pricing plans define how customers pay for the product add-on. You can create as many plan variations as you like for each add-on.

The add-on Billing Period field must match the Billing Period of the SKU for the add-on to be available when purchasing the SKU. When viewing a SKU, only add-ons with the same Billing Period are visible as options.

To add, remove, or update an add-on's plan, see configuring pricing plans and phases.

Associate add-ons with a SKU

Add-ons must be associated with a SKU before they can be purchased. After you've created your add-ons, be sure to associate them with the appropriate SKUs.

See SKUs for details about how to add and remove add-ons from your SKUs.