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Add SKUs to your product

A SKU represents a version of a product, consisting of a unique set of features and associated price plans. When your customer purchases a product, they buy a SKU of that product.

SKUs consist of a feature, or group of features, and define different types of the same product. For example, your product can have a basic SKU with limited features, a regular SKU with a few more features, and a premium SKU with all available features. Features can be applied to multiple SKUs, with the differences in features distinguishing the different SKUs.

SKUs must have one or more pricing plans, which define how your customers pay for that product SKU. Pricing plans are defined and applied per SKU, they cannot be applied to multiple SKUs. They can only be created, updated, or deleted for individual SKUs.

Go to Products

View the product information.

  • If you've created a new product, the product information is displayed after you click Create.
  • If you're editing an existing product, select that product from the list and then click Edit to view the product information.

Proceed with the following.

  1. Click SKUs from the side menu.
  2. To add a new SKU, click Add.
    • To update an existing SKU, select that SKU from the list and then click Edit.
  3. Set the SKU display information.
    • Display Name describes the SKU when displayed in the marketplace.
    • Description provides details about the SKU.
    • Cancel Timing determines how Orbitera handles access and billing when a customer cancels the subscription.
      • Immediate cancels the product immediately and bills the customer with a pro-rated amount based on the billing period.
      • End of Term cancels the product at the end of the current billing period and bills the customer for the remainder of the period.

Add features

To include features with a SKU, select the Include checkbox.

The Value field is for your informational purposes. It does not impact the feature and is not displayed in the marketplace.

Add pricing plans

Pricing plans define how customers pay for the product SKU. You can create as many plan variations as you like for each SKU.

To add, remove, or update a SKU's plan, see configuring pricing plans and phases.

Select Add-ons

Add-ons are similar to SKUs, but they cannot be purchased standalone. They must be purchased with a SKU.

Select the add-ons you would like to include in the SKU. Set the Availability field to one of the following options:

  • Available enables the add-on, allowing your customer to select it when purchasing the SKU.
  • Included includes the add-on in the SKU, the customer cannot remove it.
  • Not available prevents your customer from selecting the add-on when purchasing the SKU.

See Add-ons for details about how to add, update, and delete them for use in your SKUs.

When you're done, click Save. Click Preview to see how the product appears in your marketplace without publishing.

When you're ready to publish the updates, click Publish. Review these guidelines before publishing.