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Create new products for your marketplace

You can create products to sell in your marketplace, then set their pricing and billing options.

Go to Products

  1. Click Create.
  2. Enter a unique name (ID) for the product. This cannot be changed after saving the product.

    An ID must start with a letter and can contain letters, numbers, and dashes, and be 3-22 characters in length. No periods or special characters are allowed.

  3. Enter the product's Display Name. This can be updated later.

  4. Click Create to add the product before setting the pricing options.

Set pricing options

  1. Set the following options for the pricing and billing of the product. These can be updated later.
    1. Supported currencies for transactions.
    2. Monthly billing day that recurs each month.
    3. Payment methods accepted.
      • When choosing Offline, invoices are generated without a payment being processed.
  2. The following product options cannot be changed at this time.
    • Product type is currently limited to Subscriptions and Overages.
    • Billing mode is currently limited to Post-pay.

When you're done, click Save. Click Preview to see how the product appears in your marketplace without publishing.

When you're ready to publish the updates, click Publish. Review these guidelines before publishing.