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View the new product in the marketplace and customize the domain

View the marketplace

Go to Orbitera Admin Portal

From the admin portal, select Launch Marketplace from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner.

Launch marketplace

The new product appears as a tile in the marketplace. To view the product details, double-click the tile.

Customize the domain

The marketplace appears in the Orbitera domain space, but you can embed it into your own domain space, with your own URL instead of the Orbitera domain.

To create a custom URL for your Orbitera marketplace:

  1. Gather the required information.
  2. Create a support issue with Orbitera, including the required information in the description (or in a file attachment).
  3. Request type: Business Task.
  4. Priority: Medium.

Required Information

To initiate a custom URL request requires certain information to be provided when the support issue is created. You can use the following template to ensure complete and consistent information.

Required information Sample information
Common name (your desired marketplace URL)
Two-letter country code US
State or Province CA
Location Anytown
Organization name Acme Solutions LLC
Organization unit IT
Business domain
SSL type (standard/wildcard) Standard


After the support request is submitted with the required information, a workflow kicks off in the Orbitera system.

  1. Partner generates an Orbitera support request with the required information.
  2. Orbitera generates the CSR .req after all required information is provided.
  3. Orbitera provides the CSR .req file to the partner through the support interface.
  4. The Partner communicates the CSR .req file to the Requesting Party.
  5. The Requesting Party has an SSL certificate created by their provider.
  6. The Requesting Party provides the SSL certificate to the Partner.
  7. The Partner provides the SSL certificate to Orbitera through the support interface.
  8. Orbitera processes the customer URL request and generates further instructions.
  9. Orbitera provides further instructions to the Partner through the support interface.
  10. The Partner communicates the instructions to the Requesting Party.
  11. The Partner and Requesting Party confirm the URL is behaving as expected.
  12. Orbitera resolves the support issue.

Q & A

Q - Does Orbitera support wildcard certificates? A - Yes.

Q - What is the expected turnaround time for custom URL requests? A - Orbitera has two activity threads in this process. We make an effort to complete our required actions within the following time frames:

  • Generate the CSR .req – 5 to 7 days
  • Process the SSL certificate and the custom URL – 10 to 14 days