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Customer portal

The customer portal is a consumer-facing front-end catalog for product discovery, purchase, and deployment.

The customer portal is localized and uses browser language settings to choose the language.


Also known as a "marketplace," the catalog displays products and solutions that are available for purchase or to Test Drive. Test drives provide a way to try the product before purchasing.

When you visit the catalog, you see a tile layout of products that are available to you. You can browse the products by simple paging, by clicking the category links in the category bar, or by searching to narrow down the results.

Customer marketplace

Product details

When you click a product, you are taken to the product details page, containing a description, features, images, videos, FAQs, and testimonials.

From here, you can choose to purchase the product or, if a Test Drive is available, try out the product before purchasing it.

Tools and settings

When you sign in to the catalog, a top navigation bar appears. Typical links included are:

  • A configurable dashboard
  • Reports
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoices
  • Settings
Customer nav bar

For more information, see Customer tools and settings.