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Add or edit the marketing details for your product

The marketing information for your product is displayed in the marketplace and can be added or updated in the Marketing page.

Go to Products

View the product information.

  • If you've created a new product, the product information is displayed after you click Create.
  • If you're editing an existing product, select that product from the list and then click Edit to view the product information.

Proceed with the following.

  1. Click Marketing page from the side menu.
  2. Update the following marketing information.
    • Product logo is an image of your choice to be displayed in the marketplace.
    • Banner background can be either an uploaded image or color.
    • Reference link allows you to link to another marketplace from which to sell the product.
    • Product capabilities are descriptive highlights about the product.
    • Media files can be images or videos.
    • Testimonials from customers.

When you're done, click Save. Click Preview to see how the product appears in your marketplace without publishing.

When you're ready to publish the updates, click Publish. Review these guidelines before publishing.