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Publish your product

Publishing a product to your marketplace makes it visible to your customers and allows them to purchase the product. It adds the product to your catalog.

If you're creating a new product, be sure you have completed the following before publishing.

  1. Create your products.
  2. Add the product marketing details.
  3. Add the product features.
  4. Create the product SKUs.
  5. Optionally, create add-ons and associate them with SKUs.
  6. Optionally, configure provisioning to deploy your products.
  7. Optionally, and after the initial publish, update the terms (EULA).

At any point while you are completing the tasks, you can see what your product and marketplace look like by clicking Preview.

After you've created your product, and the associated properties, you can publish it to your marketplace for customers by clicking Publish.