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Test the product purchase experience as a user

Before you begin

If you haven't done so already, create a user.

Go to Customers

Select a customer, click Users, and create a new user.

Alternatively, users can create a new user account themselves by signing up in the marketplace.

View and subscribe to the product as an end user

  1. Launch the marketplace.
  2. Click Sign in and log in as the user.

    Log in with your credentials configured at Customers > {customer} > Users. These credentials might be different from your Orbitera administrative credentials.

    The catalog appears with the new product.

  3. Double-click the product.

  4. Click Subscribe, select a plan, and click Subscribe.

  5. Select your support options.

  6. Select a billing method.

    Usually, users choose the Offline payment method, where there's a pre-existing payment relationship between the provider and the user. The subscription purchase causes a periodic invoice to be sent to the user.

  7. Accept the terms of service, if you configured product-specific terms.

  8. Click Subscribe.

  9. From here, you can click Start Deployment or View Product.

    You will receive an email confirmation with additional information about the purchase.