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Manage partners and program invitations

Create a new program

To create a new program as a program owner, file a ticket with Orbitera support.

View your partners

Go to Partners

The Orbitera Partner module displays a list of your partners.

Invite partners into your program

After you have created a new program, you can invite your partners into the program.

Go to Manage Partner Invites

Orbitera partner account name

To invite a partner, you need the partner’s Orbitera account nickname. Orbitera support can communicate the nickname to you. Alternatively, the partner can look up their account nickname in Settings > Account information and then provide the nickname to you.

Optional note

Optionally, you can include a note to the partner. This note is appended to the email template for invitations.

Example invitation


Manage the invite email

The partner receives an email message with an invitation link.

To activate and customize the automated email message:

  1. In the Invite Partner window, click Manage Invite Email.

  2. Click the slider to enable the template.

  3. Customize the template as needed.

For more information, see email templates.

Rescind an invite

While an invite is in the Pending state, you can cancel it by selecting the pending invite and clicking Rescind.

When you rescind an invite, the invitation link in the partner message is redirected to a page with a message saying that the invitation is no longer valid.

Delete an invite

After rescinding an invite, you can remove it from the list of invites by clicking Delete.

Respond to an invite

Your partner responds to an invite: Go to Approval Requests

To view the invitation and respond, your parter selects the pending request, clicks View, and then Approve or Decline.

Respond to a partner request for access to a program

Rather than wait to be invited, your partners can proactively request access to your programs.

You can respond to these requests: Go to Approval Requests

Manange partner details

After a partner accepts your invitation, you can edit the partner's details. For example, manage partner credits, taxes, and custom fields.

Go to Partners

Select the partner and click Edit.