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Access programs

Request access to a program

Go to Programs

When you log in to Orbitera for the first time, you will see no active partner programs.

Under Request Program Access, you can see a list of programs that are available to you. This list is typically populated by the ecosystem owner. The ecosystem owner might be Orbitera or another partner.

For example, ISVs can share their products with Orbitera. Orbitera then consolidates and shares the products with resellers, who might share additional products into the program or purchase products through the Orbitera marketplace.

  1. Select the relevant program and click Request Access.
  2. Read the terms and if you accept them, click Accept.

  3. If a form appears, enter your information and then click Request. Otherwise, just click Request.

The ecosystem owner can accept a request for access in Settings > Approval requests.

Now that you have access to the partner program, you can share your products into the program.

Configure partner and reseller relationships

Partner and reseller relationships are essentially cross-account linkages that allow partners and resellers to view a list of product providers. These product providers are upstream accounts that are providing inventory to resellers. The inventory might be a cloud service, a web application, a physical device, or anything that has a fulfillment process.

Go to Partners

  1. Select a provider and click Edit.
  2. Click the checkbox to Accept shared products from this partner.

Products are shared with partners and resellers in the product configuration settings.