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Customize report currencies

You can convert any billing report to another currency, such as Euros, Indian rupees, Australian dollars, and so on.

The currency dropdown appears if the account has currencies defined.

Go to Currencies

To change the currency in which the report data is displayed:

Go to Reports

  1. Navigate to a billing report.
  2. In the upper-right corner, click the currency dropdown to display all of the available currencies.
  3. Select the desired currency.

The report repopulates with the same data, converted to the selected currency.

Modify the default currency (Admin portal only)

By default, the currency is U.S. dollars. You can modify this setting so that the default is another currency. To set the default, go to Settings > Options.

Modify the list of selectable currencies (Admin portal only)

Besides setting the default, you can also control the list of selectable currencies that appear in the dropdown menu. To configure which currencies appear in the list, go to Settings > Currencies.