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Generate invoices

From the billing report, you can generate an invoice.

You can create invoices that capture the data in billing reports.

Typically, managed service providers use the Orbitera API to generate invoices on a monthly basis. You also have the option to use the UI to generate an invoice.

Go to Reports

  1. Navigate to a billing report.
  2. Select one or more customers by clicking the checkboxes.
    • You may need to expand the groupings to see the customers.
    • To select all customers, click Options in the top-right corner and select Select All.
    • To clear your selections, click Options and select Select None.
  3. In Options, select Generate Invoices.

    In an invoice, you can:

    Action Meaning
    Apply any credits Regardless of which cloud a credit was earned on, you can apply a credit to any invoice. For example, you could take a credit that's earned by a customer on AWS and apply it to their GCP invoice, if you are the reseller for both of those products.
    Include tax Generate the invoice with taxes. You can define tax rates in Settings > Taxes and in Customers > {selected-customer} > Taxes.
    Include marketplace fees Generate the invoice with marketplace fees.
    Use credits for marketplace fees Apply any marketplace credits to the invoice.

Perform actions on an invoice

  1. Click Preview Invoices.
  2. You can perform the following actions.

    Action Meaning
    Approve all Approve all of the draft invoices so you can send them to the selected customers.
    Delete Delete the draft invoice.
    View Review the selected invoice in draft form.
    Approve Approve a draft invoice so you can send it to your customer.
    Finish Finish previewing invoices and return to the reports page.

When you click View, the report is displayed in draft status, meaning that if you are using the Orbitera front end to allow customers to log in, the report would not be visible to the customer. This allows you to review invoice data before sending it to your customers.

Invoices include customer contact information and also your public profile data—your logo and contact information configured in Settings > Account information.

Invoices are organized by product type.

Change the invoice status

You can change the invoice status to the following states:

Status Meaning
Draft When you're not ready to make the invoice visible to customers.
Open When you are ready to make the invoice visible to customers. When the state changes to open, Orbitera can send an automated email notification to the customer. The email can contain a link that opens the customer account. See Settings > Email templates > New customer invoice (or New reseller invoice). Note: We do not send the invoice directly through the email, as this would be insecure.
Closed When the invoice has been paid.
Past due When the invoice isn't paid on or before the due date.

You can also download a CSV or PDF of the invoice.