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Test Drive overview

Test Drives enable self-service product discovery for potential customers.

A Test Drive is a sandbox environment that’s launched dynamically on GCP, AWS, and Azure.

What are Test Drives?

Test Drives provide a way to bring software solution demos to your potential customers. Test Drives allow your users to create their own dedicated, time-limited, testing environments that you have full control over. As a partner, you also get access to a powerful lead-generation tool that allows for automated integration of leads with your CRM and marketing systems.

Test Drive key features

The following table describes some key features of Orbitera test drives.

Feature Benefit
Automated deployment of dedicated environments A potential customer is able to create a dedicated solution demo without any interaction from you.
User experience over technical complexity Test Drives are run on your cloud accounts. Customers are not required to meet any particular technical requirements to create their dedicated demonstration environment.
Leads generation To run a Test Drive, the customer is required to leave contact data, including their name, company, phone number, and email. Leads created this way can be integrated with your CRM or marketing system.
Cost control You're able to define restrictions on the usage of your Test Drive resources by setting the maximum number of concurrently running instances, time limit for single Test Drive, and maximum number of relaunches of a test drive for a single customer.
Custom user interactions You can customize the email messages set to the user during the Test Drive launch. Custom images, videos, documents, and links can be displayed during the Test Drive.


Each of the three major cloud providers have native provisioning services. On AWS, it’s CloudFormation. On Azure, it’s Azure Resource Manager. On GCP, it’s Deployment Manager.

Each of these services has a framework where you have a script or set of scripts, an image or set of images that define an application in the cloud.

The Test Drive launches in a virtual machine in the partners’ cloud account. So the Test Drive comes at no cost to the end customer or the prospect who is accessing this Test Drive.

The prospect doesn’t have access to the underlying virtual machine or cloud console.

The Test Drive can be a fully licensed, fully featured version of the application or software suite.


You as an Orbitera partner can publish a Test Drive on a common page. For example:

  • GCP Test Drive landing page, which has many GCP-centric solutions

  • AWS Test Drive page, which has AWS-centric solutions.

  • Embedded on your own web page as a Test Drive experience that your sales team can direct customers to, or use as a way to track opportunities.

Use case

  1. A potential customer comes in through some kind of go-to-market activity, like a banner or email campaign that includes a link identifying the source as a token or parameter in the URL.

  2. This brings the user to the Test Drive.

  3. The user signs up.

  4. The lead information from the sign-up is sent as a callback into your CRM system, using a web-to-lead form in your CRM. Most CRM systems have web-to-lead forms.

  5. Your sales team is notified that the lead registered for a Test Drive.

  6. The user gets access to the Test Drive.

  7. Your sales team follows up within a few days and proactively reaches out to the lead.

Best practices

The keys to a successful Test Drive are as follows:

  • Get participation from marketing, engineering, and program management during Test Drive development.

  • Design each Test Drive for a particular use case, for targeted lead generation.

  • Leverage the Test Drive in marketing campaigns, making it the central call to action.

  • Automate the sales process, integrating the Test Drive with your CRM.

  • Guide end users through the Test Drive with a step-by-step guide, one per Test Drive.

  • Assemble a team responsible for the ongoing success of the Test Drive.